The CLI .303 Club of Cape Town came into being when the Cape Light Infantry Regiment, a citizen force unit, was disbanded. The regiment practised during the year to form a team of eight that took part in the Gold Cup competition. This event took place every year at one of the main centres in the country and the five best Citizen Force units were chosen to compete.

When the unit was disbanbed in 1995 this group of keen shottists had no home. A decision was taken not to join one of the other regiments that still existed but to go it alone. The group kept the Regiment name alive and formed the club with no military ties. We kept the cannon as the logo and still include the committee members rank on the newsletter.

In the beginning the club affiliated with the Cape Town Muzzle Loaders Club and held combined shoots. The club grew at an alarming rate and we soon held our own events. The interest in shooting .303's in the old Bisley style grew further and in 2002 at the Western Province Open Bisley there was an interprovincial .303 competition sanctioned by the South African Bisley Union. This was the first time in nearly 30 years that the .303 was officially used in a Bisley competition.

In 2004 a decision was taken by the club to affiliate with the South African Bisley Union. The decision to affiliate to SABU was partly to secure our continued use of military range at Atlantis but mainly for our continued existance in terms of the new Firearms Control Act.

The club holds a competition each month and continues to grow. It is not unusual to have 80 competitors at an event. We are probably the strongest shooting club in the Western Province.


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